Chocolate Apple Nachos

Pictures of food do not always convey the exact deliciousness of a said food. I’m reminded of that when I sometimes browse through past posts of mine :/

And when I look at pictures such as the one directly below.

So, please take my word (if the picture does not suffice) when I say that these Chocolate Apple Nachos are quick to make and wonderfully satisfying.

Remember the 30 some apples I said I picked this year? A lot of them were converted into chocolate nachos. I looovvvved indulging (if you can really call it that) on these after a long day at school. Plus, it’s chocolate. Enough said 😉

Chocolate Apple Nachos

Chocolate Apple Nachos


1 large apple

2 tbsp plain, unsweetened almond milk

1 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp organic dark chocolate chips

1 tsp unsweetened, shredded coconut (optional)


Cut up an apple (it’s up to you if you keep the peel) and lay the slices on a plate. Combine the milk, almond butter, and chocolate chips and heat while consistently stirring (I do this over the stove, but microwaving and pausing to stir every 8 seconds also works) until a smooth liquid. Pour over apples. If desired, top with coconut. Eat up! 


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  1. Oh wow they look so good!


  2. I love this recipe…come share this on my Facebook group @

    With nearly 7000 members…I’m sure you will get some more visitors!

    Come join us and share your vegetarian dishes, baked treats and recipe blog links!

    See you there!..D 🙂


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