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Banana Ice Cream

So most people know this trick by now, but I figured with summer and the heat, it was worth posting! Honestly, I’d take this stuff over regular ice cream any day. And it’s even healthy enough (depending on your toppings) for breakfast! 

Little tip though: let the bananas defrost for about 10 minutes before blending- I did the mistake of blending right away and the frozen bananas jammed and broke my blender 😦 

Which is why I got a food processor to begin with… just making the best of a bad situation!

(The blender is still on my counter by the way. Since nobody else makes anything in my house, they haven’t discovered it’s broken. I broke it 3 years ago now… Shhhhh!) 

Banana Ice CreamBanana Ice Cream 


3 frozen SLICED ripe bananas 

1/4 cup black coffee or almond milk 

1-2 tbsp nut butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/8 tsp salt

cocoa powder (optional)

Toppings: cocoa nibs/chocolate chips and coconut cream (featured above), and/or coconut flakes, nuts, fruit, berries… get creative!


Take banana slices out of the freezer and let defrost for 10 minutes. Place in a food processor, pour over with coffee/milk, and blend until mostly creamy (it’s okay if there’s still some frozen banana chucks). Add in the rest of ingredients and blend until smooth and ingredients seem evenly distributed. Scoop into a bowl with an ice cream scooper for an authentic ice cream look. Add on toppings and dig in!