Natural-Colored Green Eggs (and Ham)

Tomorrow is Theodor Geisel’s (AKA Dr. Seuss’s) 109th birthday. How would a college student know this? Just the perks of working at a preschool, I guess. All this week, I’m been teaching lessons based around the Cat in the Hat, Marvin K. Mooney, Thing 1 and Thing 2, etc, etc.

I need to spend more time with people my own age.

Anyway, one of the things the kids made this week was green eggs. Eggs + green dye. Definitely not my thing. So, I made my own with natural food coloring- spinach. Simple and much better than digesting artificial coloring. I wish I could’ve shared this with the preschool, but I have a feeling they would have turned it down (unfortunately, kids can become very picky eaters at the sheer mention of spinach). If however, you have picky kids, but want to still make this for Dr. Seuss Day, I recommend pureeing the spinach and eggs together before said kids enter the room. The color green might distract them from asking questions. Of course, you can just make this for yourself instead 🙂

ImageNatural-Colored Green Eggs (and Ham)


2 free-range, organic eggs

fresh spinach, packed (2/3 cup will get you the color in the picture. I normally use 1 cup for a rich green color)

1/4 cup water

1/2 tbsp chives

salt and pepper, to taste

Optional: slices of organic ham


In a food processor, puree all ingredients together until green throughout (this will make the eggs bubbly. Don’t worry, it’ll go down while cooking). Then, simply scramble the eggs as you normally would do. Serve with ham, if desired.

ImageWho says green eggs are only for kids anyway?


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  2. Clever! I think I’ll try this. Always need more ideas for veggies at breakfast.


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