My name is Deanna and welcome to my blog, Health without Sacrifice. I’m a college student exploring the world of nutrition and healthy foods while still enjoying every last bite.

I was introduced to a healthy eating style about 7 years ago, when my dad started researching and bringing home organic foods. Being a teenager, however, I rebelled against every last vegetable and continued eating junk food whenever I was away from home. About a year ago, I wanted to get into shape and try again with this healthier eating style. Turns out, I love it! A few months after changing my eating habits, I noticed I was looking better and feeling a lot more energized. I also found out that I love cooking. I like creating recipes that are affordable, easy, and most importantly, yummy! So why not start a blog for my tested and approved recipes? Eating healthy gets a false and bad rep. People often think nutritious foods and say who wants to eat celery all day long? But eating real and nutritious foods in no way limits your ability to enjoy a variety of yummy foods. I try to avoid highly processed foods and focus on real and organic foods in their more natural form. My goal is to come up with recipes that are healthy while not sacrificing delicious taste.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Deanna! Thanks for coming over to check out my blog and for the ‘like’.
    I love the ‘green’ food you’re cooking up. After a long grey winter I’m also thinking green.
    Not too sure about that ‘green curry oatmeal’ though…was it good?


    • Hi dishnthekitchen!
      Thank you!!! Your goat cheese and eggplant ravioli had me practically salivating!
      I definitely recommend trying the oatmeal. I love it! I know that the “oatmeal” part throws people off, but really, it’s just another grain like rice or quinoa 🙂


  2. Hi Deanna. Thanks for liking my Pumpkin Pie recipe. I am inspired by your blog and I totally agree with you that there are so many wonderful food experiences to be had with recipes made from real food. It is really exciting. I am looking forward to seeing more of your food delights.


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